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In the Evros Delta, I like to:

Foto: Dimitris Kokkinidis Foto: Dimitris Kokkinidis

The scientific personnel of Evros Delta Management Authority continue the recording of important bird species in Evros Delta under the Monitoring Program.

Winter has come and the populations of waterfowl in Delta are growing. The last days, strong winds and the coldness brought many birds in the area.

The ducks were counted in significant numbers, and the most populated species is Mallards that exceeded 40,000 ind. (probably the highest number that has been ever recorded in December), followed by Teals with 35,000 ind. and Wigeons with 10,000 ind. The largest populations of ducks were gathered in the wider area of "Drana" lagoon, especially in the flooded areas in the south, while significant are also the populations inPaloukia” lagoon and in the flooded areas around it.

Swans also present with Mute Swan being the most common species with 400 ind., while 150 Bewick’s Swans were recorded as well 50 Whooper Swans.

Flamingos exceeded 2,500 ind. and Avocets 1,100 ind.

Geese are still in small numbers, with as many as 200 White-fronted and 140 Greylags.

10 White-tailed Eagles were recorded, as well as 4,700 Dunlins and 200 Curlews.
Finally, in the recordings in the roosting place of raptors, 30 Spotted Eagles were recorded.

Significant was the contribution to the recordings, of volunteers of WWF Dadia, whom we thank.


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Yannis Fakriadis

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