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In the Evros Delta, I like to:

Studying the autumn migration of birds in the Evros Delta

Foto: Eva Stets Foto: Eva Stets

The great value of the Evros Delta, especially for the bird fauna, is constantly proven through scientific research and various programs that are implemented in the area.


Foto: Eva Stets

The Management Authority of Evros Delta National Park, with highly qualified staff from the very beginning of its operation, continues to run projects of scientific monitoring of birds, which began decades earlier. Moreover, since 2006, the Management Authority implements a systematic monitoring program that consists of weekly recordings, breeding recordings, trapping and ringing for many bird species.

The study of migration through ringing in Evros Delta, which started in 1994, demonstrates that the wetland is an important refueling station in the journey of the birds between Europe and Africa.

The Evros Delta has emerged as the region with the most ringed birds across the country (over 85,000), while the seasonal wetlands of the coastal zone of Antheia (Baltos-Almires) are some of the most important areas for the migration of waders and passerine species.

This year's "autumn" expedition, which was conducted by the ornithologists of the Management Authority and volunteers, resulted in 1651 birds of 38 species. The most noumerous were the Reed Warbler, the Great Reed Warbler the Savi’s Warbler and the Whitethroat while there were also species like the Bee-eater, the Wryneck, the Kingfisher and the Little Crake. Two of the Reed Warblers that were trapped, were wearing metal rings from Serbia.

The Management Authority of Evros Delta National Park would like to thank the Hellenic Bird Ringing Center, the WWF – Dadia Project and for the great help the volunteers: Eva, Sylvia, Sasha, Ilia, Maria, Boni, Jose, Giacomo, Malte, Konstantina, Manolia and the employees of the community service project: Efthimi, Philipo, George, Irene, Georgia for participating in the campaign from 20 to 31 August.


Foto.: Eva Stets

Note that the Management Authority of Evros Delta National Park is funded by EPPERAA and the Green Fund.


Eleni Makrigianni

Management Authority of Evros Delta National Park



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