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  • Γερακίνα / Buzzard (Buteo buteo) (A. Athanasiadis)

In the Evros Delta, I like to:

The monitoring of all species in the Evros Delta continue, as the winter is at the gates and the populations of the waterfowl in Evros Delta are beginning to grow.

At the most recent count, several ducks have been counted, with the most numerous species being the Mallard with 5,000 birds, the Shoveler with 1,200, the Teal with 1,400 and the Wigeon with 650 birds.

The largest populations of ducks are now concentrated in the wider area of ​ Drana lagoon, while the populations in Paloukia lagoon are also important and especially in the flooded areas around it.

The first 42 Bewick’s Swans have appeared at the point they seem to prefer every year, around Drana lagoon.

It was also interesting to record the 1,300 flying White Pelicans over the hill of St. George.

There were also 500 Common Terns, 490 Black-headed Gulls and a lot of waders mostly on the Delta islets.

1650 Greater Flamingos were observed too.

The geese seem not to be in hurry to come yet, as not a single bird was observed.

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