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In the Evros Delta, I like to:

Foto: Eva Stets Foto: Eva Stets

The scientific personnel of Evros Delta Management Authority continue the recording of important bird species in Delta Evros under the Monitoring Program.

Autumn progresses and the populations of waterfowl in Evros Delta are growing. The last recording was on the 1th of November, with relatively mild weather.

The autumnal landscape begins to fill with ducks, swans, raptors, herons and waders, however the low rainfall of the recent months, wasn`t enough to flooding the land which usually had plenty of water at this time of the year.

The most populated species among many other duck species in Delta, are Teals with more than 11.500 ind. and Mallards  with 5.500 ind. The largest population of ducks was gathered in the wider area of Paloukia lagoon. Also, we counted more than 6.000 ind. of Coots, all in the same area.

Bewick`s Swans, which in recent years have increased significantly in the Delta, appeared, with more than 400 ind, while the Mute Swans exceeded 350 ind.

Flamingos exceeded 3.000 ind. (a particularly high number for this season) while from geese just 10 ind. of White-fronted were recorded.

Also, 3 Spotted Eagles were recorded and over 700 Dunlins.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that due to the very strong south winds prevailing in recent days, the front of the Delta coastal sea level is very high, so that many birds have moved within the Delta, looking for safer and better in terms of foraging locations.



Panagiotis Ioannidis

Evros Delta Management Authority


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