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In the Evros Delta, I like to:

The Lesser White fronted Geese have returned in Evros Delta!

As the winter is moving on, thousands of birds come from the North to find safety and food in the lagoons and wet meadows of the wetland. Ducks, swans, raptors, geese, waders.

Among them hundreds of White fronted Geese and together more than 100 Lesser White fronted Geese, the total of the European (Fennoscandian) population. The flock was previously in Kerkini from September 18th until sunrise last Sunday and at noon it was already in Evros Delta.

Among the flock Mr Blue and his family (partner and three youngs) are found. Mr Blue bears a transmitter that gives us valuable information for the flock of geese.

Mr Blue was caught on May 24th 2018 in Valdak Marshes, Porsanger (a very important stopover wetland for the species in Norway). Since then it brings the transmitter and two blue rings, that inspired its name.

The Lesser White fronted Goose is a Globally Threatened Species, with a very small population in Europe, which has a specific migratory pattern. The birds breed in Norway and winter in Kerkini Lake and Evros Delta. Our country and especially these two important wetlands have a big responsibility for the protection of the species, as it prefers them for a big part of its life cycle.

The following weeks (according to the behavior that has been recorded the last years from the personnel of the Management Body of Evros Delta and Samothraki Protected Areas) the Lesser White fronted Geese will feed and rest in the fertile and secure meadows of Evros Delta. This will give them the power to return back to their breeding grounds in early spring.


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