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  • Φιδαετός / Short-toed Eagle (Circaetus gallicus) (S. Mills)

In the Evros Delta, I like to:

The first three months of the current year, Evros Delta Management Authority is running an Environmental Education Project, in co-operation with the Hellenic Ornithological Society and the Responsible of School Activities of the Direction of Primary Education of Evros, about the Lesser White-fronted Goose. The project is realized with the opportunity of the LIFE Program for the species which is realized on five European countries, including Greece. Five schools of the area are taking part in the Project with their…
The bird traps for ringing waterfowl were installed 9 years ago in Evros Delta. They were built in the framework of the project «Determination of waterfowls’ migration phenology» and their operation was continued by the project «Influence of viral proteins of avian influenza virus on the innate immune response of birds» or INNFLU until 2010. Since then, the Management Authority has been operating these traps. During the current wintering period 191 birds were trapped, 8 of which were ringed the…
A workshop for teachers of the primary and secondary education of Evros Prefecture was organized on Tuesday 17th of December, in Evros Delta Visitor Centre, on the context of the LIFE Project the Hellenic Ornithological Society is running for the Lesser White–fronted Goose. The workshop was held with in co-operation with the responsible of school activities of primary and secondary education of Evros and the Evros Delta Management Authority. The Environmental Education material “Travelling with the Lesser White-fronted Goose on…
Faithful to their annual “winter” appointment again the Lesser White-fronted Geese are in Evros Delta from the beginning of the week. After passing a few weeks in beautiful Kerkini, 44 of the 56 birds of this last flock that breeds in Europe have arrived in the meadows of Evros Delta, where they can find food and refuge, to go through the winter. Evros Delta is a very critical area for the survival of this population, as it hosts the birds…
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