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  • Ήταυρος / Bittern (Botaurus stellaris) (E. Stets)

In the Evros Delta, I like to:

The scientific personnel of Evros Delta Management Authority continue the recording of important bird species in Evros Delta under the Monitoring Program. Winter has come and the populations of waterfowl in Delta are growing. The last days, strong winds and the coldness brought many birds in the area. The ducks were counted in significant numbers, and the most populated species is Mallards that exceeded 40,000 ind. (probably the highest number that has been ever recorded in December), followed by Teals…
Apart from the Storks we have set transmitters also on a Mallard and a Coot.  The Mallard is still at the south bank of Danube in the border of Romania with Ukraine.  The Coot was also close to Danube, at the Bulgarian Romanian border. It has started flying south and the last days was found in Burgas lakes. We hope to be able to observe them back in Evros Delta!   Yanis Fakriadis  
On December 12th and 13th, a meeting was held in Prespes with wetland Management Authorities about the protection of pelicans. The meeting was organized by the Society for the Protection of Prespes with the co-operation of the Hellenic Ornithological Society. Representatives of the Authorities of Wetlands of Amvrakikos, Kerkini Lake, Messologi Lagoon, Aherontas – Kalamas Estuaries, Nestos Delta – Vistonida – Ismarida Lakes, Prespes Lakes and Evros Delta participated on the meeting. The Management Authorities presented the status of pelicans…
According to the last data (www.evros-delta.gr  “White Stork Migration”) already 6 birds are in Africa. The transmitter of Vasilia seems to be out of order, but the last signal was from the Arabian Peninsula. Sylvia is located at the border of Sudan with Chad, Nenni and Sophocles in Sudan, Spithas in Aithiopia, Pelopidas in Kenya, very close to National Park Serengeti . Finally,  Petros is in Tanzania and is the stork which has already covered more than 7.500 km!  …
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