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  • Λασποσκαλίδρα / Dunlin (Calidris alpina) (S. Mills)

In the Evros Delta, I like to:

On May 2th, we celebrated the World Migratory Bird Day in Evros Delta Visitor Centre, with the participation of the 6th Primary School of Alexandroupolis. 45 pupils of the 5th Grade took part, which after watching a PowerPoint projection about the importance of Evros Delta for birds and their migration, for wildlife and people, they participated in educational activities which they liked a lot. Birds inspire most of us and especially young children. We hope that the value of the…
The breeding of White Storks was recorded today, 24 of May 2013, in Poros. It is well known that Poros, as well as Feres,hold a significant number of White Stork nests. The census was realised on the context of the educational project the Management Authority is running with the Primary Schools of the area. 11 active nests were recorded with the active participation of pupils of the 2nd Primary School of Feres. At the time being for most of the…
Evros Delta Management Authority, in co-operation with Nestos Delta – Vistonida – Ismarida Management Authority, ringed 251 Yellow – legged Gull (Larus michahellis) chicks in an islet in Arogi lagoon in Rodopi Prefecture. The project was started by Belgian ornithologists, in which the Management Authority participates since 2004. It is in both Authorities’ plans to ring more gull species in 2013 breeding season, including Mediterranean Gulls. Eleni Makrigianni.
Spring brings many species of birds in Evros Delta. The last recording, made ​​by the scientific personnel of Evros Delta Management Authority, was on 15 May, and some of the most important recordings presented here. So, important was the presence of more than 300 Glossy Ibis, 350 Whiskered Tern and 80 White-winged Black Tern. Also observed 330 Ruff, 260 Curlew Sandpipers and 16 Turnstone. Remarkable is also the recording of 320 Mute swans, who have left so far, and about…
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