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  • Σταχτόχηνες / Greylag Geese (Anser anser) (K. Panagiotidis)

In the Evros Delta, I like to:

The first winter bird recordings were made with special interest, by the scientific staff of the Evros Delta Management Body. Many waterfowl birds have been counted as well as other species that have come to winter in this wonderful and important wetland. The number of ducks began to grow sharply with the most numerous species being the Mallard with nearly 11,000 birds, followed by 5.000 Wigeons, 3.500 Shovelers, 1.360 Common Teals, 735 Shelducks and 360 Northern Pintails. 11 Spotted Eagles and 2…
On Monday 11th of Decemberwe celebrated the 20 years operation of the Evros Delta Visitor Center (from 1997 to 2017). Τhe event  took place in the Visitor Centre and started with the greetings of the President of the Management Body, Mr Athanasiadis Andreas, who thanked all the local authorities that cooperate and supported the Management Body all these years for the protection, the management and the promotion of Evros Delta. The coordinator of Evros Delta Management Body,Ms Makrigianni Eleni, presented…
The monitoring of all species in the Evros Delta continue, as the winter is at the gates and the populations of the waterfowl in Evros Delta are beginning to grow. At the most recent count, several ducks have been counted, with the most numerous species being the Mallard with 5,000 birds, the Shoveler with 1,200, the Teal with 1,400 and the Wigeon with 650 birds. The largest populations of ducks are now concentrated in the wider area of ​ Drana…
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