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Enviromental Education

Environmental Education in the Evros Delta


During the entire school year, the Management Authority, implements environmental education programs. 

These programs have either short-term or long-term duration. Each year new projects are planned for the students of the wider region of Evros Delta, but also for students who visit the wetland from all over Greece. 

Local students have the opportunity to participate in annual environmental education program in which activities are organized throughout the year, with visits to the wetland, bird watching, participate in experiential activities and more. At the period end, the students do a final project or presentation. 

Short-term programs may be daily or include a combination of many days of informative presentations and routes in the wetland. Designed by the Management Authority for all young visitors who come organized in Evros Delta or from a invitation that will send a school with a specific theme. 

The daily programs implemented in the Information Center activities may include informative video projection , handicrafts, painting, environmental games, activities in the wetland, visits to the wetland, bird watching and more.

The educational programs are always adapted to the specific nature and requirements of the participating teams. The Management Authority has developed a very good cooperation at local level, with teachers and students.


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