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  • Αργυρογλάρονο / White-winged Black Tern (Chlidonias leucopterus) (G. Alexandris)

In the Evros Delta, I like to:

Various Actions

In every opportunity and with the help of volunteers, schoolchildren and students, the Management Body in cooperation with the Forestry Department of Alexandroupolis, organizes actions for the cleaning of the wetland, in order to enhance the image of the wetland for its visitors and mainly to enhance the living conditions of the wildlife.  Several times a year, in places where rubbish accumulate, cleaning expeditions are being held and the rubbish are transported to the rubbish tip of Alexandroupolis.

Evros Delta Visitor Centre participates the last 10 years in local exhibitions and events, either by distributing leaflets and information, either by a small exhibition or event. The events are the Book Fair of Alexandroupolis, the Commercial Exhibition of Alexandroupolis, the Traditional Dance Festival of Anthia, the Konstandinia Fair of Loutros, the Agricultural Fair of Feres. At the same time, the Bicycle Tour of Traianoupolis stops at the Visitor Centre every May.

The Management Body and the Visitor Centre participate for the last decade in bird ringing projects that are being held in Evros Delta from other scientific institutions. These projects concern ringing of passerines with mist nets, ringing of ducks, ringing of gull chicks. At the same time, the Management Body organizes ringing projects for chicks of Cormorants, gulls, waders and other birds every spring and summer.

In the Western part of Evros Delta, during older projects tree plantations were made mainly in river and canal banks. These plantations are being maintained and the trees that failed are replaced. These actions were realized with the help of local schoolchildren and inhabitants, volunteers and local associations.

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