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In the Evros Delta, I like to:

Rare bird species in Evros Delta

Evros Delta is one of the most important areas in Greece and Europe for the survival of many species, some of which are rare or threatened.
It is vital to broaden our knowledge for those species, through scientific monitoring, in order to have a clear image for the protected species and for the management measures that are needed to be taken for the protection of their population.
Evros Delta is the most important place in Greece for the three species of European Swans (Mute, Whooper and Bewick’s). So it is also for Geese. In the wet meadows, thousands of White-fronted Geese are observed in winter, together with hundreds of Red-breasted Geese, while almost all the natural European breeding population of the endangered Lesser White-fronted Goose uses the wetland for many weeks and as a last stop before the spring migration for the breeding grounds of the North.
Significant numbers of rare species of raptors are seen especially in winter. Spotted Eagles, Imperial Eagles and White-tailed Eagles are observed daily.
Other important species that are observed in Evros Delta are the Dalmatian Pelican, the Pygmy Cormorant, the Bittern, the Ferruginous Duck, the Red Kite, the Spoonbill, the Glossy Ibis, the Collared Pratincole.

 Download the list of rare birds of Evros Delta

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