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  • Η εκβολή του χείμαρρου Λουτρού στη λιμνοθάλασσα Λακκί / The mouth of Loutros torrent in Lakki lagoon (A. Athanasiadis)

In the Evros Delta, I like to:

A new Visitor Centre devoted to the White Stork at the old Primary School of Poros

The White Storks, for a few months now, are in Africa to winter. They will start to return to breed in Greece and other European countries in February. In the village of Poros they find one of the most hospitable places: the one and only European Stork Village in the country. In Poros, the Management Body of Evros Delta and Samothraki Protected Areas, Euronatur, the Municipality of Alexandroupolis (Municipal Unit of Feres) and the inhabitants of the village join their forces to protect the White Storks and help them every year to make their families with security.

Since 2016, that Poros was declared European Stork Village, quite a few activities and works have been implemented in the area. Public awareness is one of them and on this context, interventions have been made to the old school of Poros, in order to operate as a Visitor Centre. The works were financed by Euronatur and were implemented by the Management Body, with the help of Birdwing, the Forestry Department of Alexandroupolis and the Municipal Unit of Feres.

One room of the old school was equipped with informative banners, puzzles, educational games and other surprises for the young friends of the storks and not only!

And this is not the only thing…

When the weather permits it, the yard of the school was formed so as the visitors have the opportunity to play games, talk and rest.

All that, under the supervision of the White Storks that will be watching from their nests that lie in the perimeter of the school.

A beautiful place that should be added to your destinations.

When the conditions are favorable… We are waiting for you…

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