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  • Ποταμογλάρονο / Common Tern (Sterna hirundo) (K. Panagiotidis)

In the Evros Delta, I like to:

This question was asked to the Management Body of Evros Delta and Samothraki Protected Areas, in the context of @BioLearnBSB project.

With the contribution of the Environmental Organization for the Protection of Aquatic Ecosystems (I-sea) an on-site investigation was conducted to create a litter report for the Evros Delta.

During the survey, types and quantity of litter were recorded, samples were collected to investigate the appearance of microplastics with the contribution of Dr. @Karapanagioti Hrissi and information from the local community through questionnaires was also collected.

The results of the analysis show that the wetland is a recipient of high concentrations of litter and other pollutants. Results of previous studies were used, like the data on benthic litter (collected in the context of #FishingforLitter project) and on heavy metals (collected in the context of the project "Elasmobranch fisheries and trade in North Aegean”.

A Manual of Best Practices has been completed and created to inform you about the steps you can take to stay informed and take action against marine litter pollution.


Find the Evros Delta Litter Report here: http://bio-learn.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/GR_Report_EN.pdf

Find more information about BioLearn here: http://bio-learn.org/

Find the Best Practices Manual here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zv8vquip4v9sc6f/Manual%20%CF%83%CF%84%CE%B1%20%CE%B1%CE%B3%CE%B3%CE%BB%CE%B9%CE%BA%CE%AC.pdf?dl=0


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