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In the Evros Delta, I like to:

Harvest Festival of the School Gardens Project on the 2nd Primary School of Feres

The ancients always said: "the earth never loses its value….."


A piece of land (approximately 200 sq.m.) in the area of ​​the 2nd Primary School of Feres, was transformed last year into a green oasis, in a feast of colors and aromas, with the help of children, teachers and the Management Body of Evros Delta and Samothraki Protected Areas.

The Project focused on children and their relationship with nature, a relationship with many benefits.

The children were practically involved in the cultivation of vegetables, fruits, flowers and aromatic plants on the school premises, with their harvesting and presentation.

They created plant beds in the classroom and then cultivated the small plants in the garden.

They acquired knowledge and skills for designing, cultivating and caring for a school garden and developed a spirit of cooperation.

The teachers creatively used the knowledge, concerns and interests of the children and the MBEDSPA received the happy faces of the children who participated with incredible enthusiasm in the Harvest Festival where children harvested products from "their own garden".

In particular, in the framework of the Environmental Education Program "Gardening at the 2nd Primary School of Feres" implemented by the Management Body of Evros Delta and Samothraki Protected Areas in collaboration with teachers and students of the school, a crop was harvested on Friday 17th September. The Project was financed by EuroNatur, in the context of the European Stork Village of Poros.

Tables decorated with baskets, wooden crates and beautiful platters filled with cherry tomatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergines, zucchini, peppers, watermelons, sweet pumpkins ... a feast of colors and flavors!

Pouches and jars full of dried aromatic plants, such as: sage, mint, parsley… ..a feast of aromas!

And photos, many photos from each stage of the cultivation work.

The children leaving that day, in addition to their school bag, received as a gift a bag with all kinds of goodies from "their own garden", as a small reward for their work.

Well done to everybody!!!

Waiting now for the autumn fruits…..


Angeliki Pashalidou



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