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  • Δακτυλίωση πουλιού, Δέλτα Έβρου 2012 / Ringing bird Evros Delta 2012 (Κ.Παναγιωτίδης)

In the Evros Delta, I like to:

Visitor Centre of Evros Delta

Evros Delta Visitor Centre in Traianoupoli opened in September 1997. Its aims are to promote the protection of nature in the Evros Delta, ecotourism and public awareness of the ecological values of Evros Delta.
Its operation was funded for 1997 - 1999 by the Ministry of Environment, Planning and Public Works (Operational Program for the Protection and Promotion of Evros Delta), from June 2001 until June 2005 by the LIFE - Nature project (Restoration and Conservation Management of Drana Lagoon) and since then by EPPER (Operational Program for the Environment)
The Visitor Centre operates daily including weekends so that the public can be informed about the Evros Delta, the Life-Nature project as well as the organisation and planning of educational visits and tours in the wetland. Guided tours are given with mini buses and boats
The awareness activities and the tours are not the only activities that the Visitor Centre provides. Other activities of the Visitor Centre include participation in the local events, organization of events, wardening, monitoring, maintenance and provision of equipment, plantations, operation of a library, communication with users of the wetland, etc.
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Περιφερειακής Ανάπτυξη
Με τη συγχρηματοδότηση της Ελλάδας και της Ευρωπαϊκής Ένωσης

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